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What is Potassium Cyanide (KCN)

Buy Potassium . We supply Potassium Cyanide which is a colorless crystaline compound, used in jewelry for chemical gilding and buffing. Potassium cyanide is offered in powder or cylindrical tablets. Each tablets weighing 10 to 100 grams. Buy Potassium cyanide Online. KCN Tablets suppliers.

Potassium cyanide is highly toxic. The moist solid emits small amounts of hydrogen cyanide due to hydrolysis, which smells like bitter almonds. Not everyone, however, can smell this; the ability to do so is a genetic trail. Potassium cyanide tablets suppliers

Potassium cyanide is a potent inhibitor of cellular respiration, acting on mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase, hence blocking oxidative phosphorylation. This prevents the body from oxidizing food to produce useful energy. Lactic acidosis then occurs as a consequence of anaerobic metabolism. Initially, acute cyanide poisoning causes a red or ruddy complexion in the victim because the tissues are not able to use the oxygen in the blood. The effects of potassium and sodium cyanide are identical, and symptoms of poisoning typically occur within a few minutes of ingesting the substance: the person loses consciousness, and brain death eventually follows. During this period the victim may suffer convulsions. Death is caused by cerebral hypoxia. Buy Potassium Cyanide Tablets Online. Buy KCN Tablets Online

The lethal dose for potassium cyanide is 200–300 mg. Its toxicity when ingested depends on the acidity of the stomach, because it must react with an acid to become hydrogen cyanide, the deadly form of cyanide. Grigori Rasputin may have survived a potassium cyanide poisoning because his stomach acidity was unusually low.

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Th­e verio­us forms of Potassium Cyanide kcn are:

1)Potassium Cyanide Pills (KCN PILLS)
2)Potassium Cyanide Powder (KCN POWDER).


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